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25 février 2021

Burundi:New constitution approved could let pierre Nkurunziza to stay in power to 2034

Burundi voters have given a very greatly approve to a new constitution, by the way of the electoral commission on last Monday.

The changing constitution could let the formal président Pierre NKURUNZIZA to stay in power to 2034

It was reported by the commission after referendum(taken last week) that 73 percent had voted in favour of amendments extending the presidential term from five to seven years and allowing President Pierre Nkurunziza to seek two more terms, beginning in 2020

For Evariste Ngayimpenda, a top official of the Amizero y’Abarundi opposition coalition, the election was very far to be fair and transparent. He denounced “a process which was tainted with many incidents including arrests, imprisonments and killings”.

Achiraf Ali

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